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Benoît Jacquot – Eva (2018)

The story centers on a young gigolo, Bertrand Valade who steals the manuscript of a dying client. After a year, becomes a playwright and is now living in a decked-out Parisian apartment. The only problem is that his producer, Regis Grant has been waiting impatiently for a new play which the imposter Bertrand is somehow supposed to write. When Bertrand shows up for a rehearsal of his hit play, which is now touring the provinces, he crosses paths with a high-class call girl, Eva who quickly becomes an obsession that will ruin his life.

4.37GB | 1 h 42 min | 1280×536 | mkv


Subtitles:English (autotranslated)

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  1. Sadly the English subititles are truly appalling often laughably so!!! They completely ruin the viewing experience.I gave up.

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