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Dominique Cabrera – Une poste à la Courneuve [+Extra] (1994)

The four thousand inhabitants of Courneuve go to the post office once in a while to collect their benefit or pay their bills. The young postal workers belong to the small group of people in the region with a paid job. Every day they are confronted with the poverty of the people at the other side of the counter. Dominique Cabrera alternately put his camera on either side of the counter and registered the behaviour and faces of the people who are involved in small financial transactions. Against the background of the post office buzz, he listened to the conversations that are part of the exchange of money. Une poste à la courneuve draws a colourful image of the effect an economic crisis can have on the lives of ordinary people.

Extra (no subs)
Dominique Cabrera, Hélène Louvart and Xavier Griette talk about the making and the shooting of the movie.

899MB | 54 min 6 s | 768×576 | mkv

Subtitles:English, French (sub/idx)


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