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Douglas Sirk – Magnificent Obsession (1954)

A wealthy young wastrel, Bob Merrick, cracks up his speedboat and almost dies, to be saved at the last minute by a resuscitator borrowed from the home of a famous surgeon who lives nearby. In the meantime the surgeon himself has suffered an attack, and, with his equipment out on loan, dies before he can be revived. The guilt-ridden Bob clumsily tries to make amends by romancing the surgeon’s young widow, Helen, but only causes further tragedy…

Dave Kehr wrote:
[…] The plot of “Magnificent Obsession,” a 1929 best seller by Lloyd C. Douglas inspired two successful films: a 1935 version starring Robert Taylor as Bob, and Irene Dunne as Helen, and directed by John M. Stahl, and a more celebrated 1954 remake featuring Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman, under the direction of Douglas Sirk.

Dave Kehr wrote:
(…) As a story, it contains almost all the elements of the classic “women’s picture,” raised to a delirious degree: outrageous coincidences that turn out to reveal the hand of a benevolent fate; a love so pure and chaste that it transforms a scoundrel into a saint; a man who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice — putting the life of the woman he loves at risk —to save her. (…)

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Subtitles:English, Spanish, French, Portuguese


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