Gahité Fofana – Un matin bonne heure AKA Early in the Morning (2006)

Two Guinean kids do not manage to find work despite their inventiveness and creativity. That’s why they decide to travel to Europe as aircraft stowaways. Soberly told but moving indictment, based on true events.

Early in the Morning is a moving indictment and sober and atmospheric narrative that does not mythologise. It is based on a true story. The convincing tone of the film may well result from the background of Gahité Fofana, who had previously made documentaries about AIDS in Africa and about a gang member condemned to death. Fofana: ‘Yaguine and Fodé want to study, combat misery, deny fate. They are surrounded by symbols of Western affluence and power, without being able to identify with them. From their youthful devotion to change a poor country and make a better world, they come to the sudden realisation that their situation is desperately hopeless.’ Conakry, Guinea: the school holidays are about to start and the friends Yaguine Koita and Fodé Tounkara are not looking forward to the three-month rainy season that they will have to spend unemployed. They decide to go looking for work so they can help their poor parents. Despite their inventiveness and will, they don’t manage to find any work. Disappointed, they decide to travel to Europe, hidden in the landing gear of a plane. The state visit by the French president to Guinea strengthens them in their decision. They write a letter to the leaders of the European Union in case the journey proves fatal to them: ‘And don’t forget that it’s your fault that we have to make our appeal about the weakness of our power in Africa.’

1.14GB | 1 h 14 min | 750×440 | mkv

Subtitles:English, French (hardsubs for non-french parts)

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