1971-1980ExperimentalHollis FramptonUSA

Hollis Frampton – Hapax Legomena V: Ordinary Matter (1972)

Frampton on Ordinary Matter wrote:
A vision of a journey, during which the eye of the mind drives headlong through Salisbury Cloister (a monument to enclosure), Brooklyn Bridge (a monument to connection), Stonehenge (a monument to the intercourse between consciousness and LIGHT)…visiting along the way diverse meadows, barns, waters where I now live; and ending in the remembered cornfields of my childhood. The soundtrack annexes, as mantram, the Wade-Giles syllabary of the Chinese language.

526MB | 35 min 57 s | 720×540 | mkv




  1. Can you upload part IV, VI, VII ? I searching but didn’t found that three episode of Hapax Legomena

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