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Jacqueline Zünd – Almost There (2016)

Three men, three continents: Bob, an American, Steve, a Brit and Yamada, who is Japanese, dare to take on new beginnings and personal journeys – in the autumn of their life. Impressive cinema with images that remind us of the loneliness and melancholy in Wim Wenders’ films.

It’s evening in an empty parking lot, and we see the motorhome in which a retired man will go on a long journey and leave his old life behind. He runs through a checklist of all the things that need to be done before he leaves his hometown. Although clearly a metaphor for taking stock as the end of life approaches, it is used with subtlety. ALMOST THERE is a portrait of three men searching for happiness and a meaningful existence in the autumn of their lives. The camera records them with patience and an eye for detail as they talk about the choices they made – they may not have been easy choices, but they brought many good things later in life. We see the American traveling across his country, a British drag queen doing a standup comedy routine in Benidorm, Spain, and a Japanese gentleman reading books to children – beaming with pride, he describes how a teacher paid him a compliment. It’s only now that he has come to understand how to get along with children.

A sensitive and moving portrayal of three men facing the relentless passing of time.
Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa

1.05GB | 1 h 20 min | 1280×720 | mkv


Language:English, Japanese
Subtitles:English (hardcoded)


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