Mariano Llinás – Balnearios AKA Bathing Resorts (2002)

“Lifeguards, luxury hotels from early XXth Century, mermaids, sea animals and sand castles gather in this labyrinthine essay. A “documentary” about balnearios, Argentine bath resorts and the idea of cities dedicated exclusively to idleness, empty along the winter months and crowded in the summer.”

A trip through the picturesque spas of the Argentine coast is what this documentary proposes. Sites that have remained the same over the years, that only really live in summer seasons. It is a fun look at the customs and the particular inhabitants of these sites, a universe alien to the outside world. After seeing stories like a town with half its streets under water, or a majestic hotel with a sordid past, one is left with the desire to see more, but it is quite entertaining. Presented with affection, it is like a longing for these spas that subsist despite the fact that the rest of the world left them behind and as if to reinforce this, it seems filmed at least 20 years ago and narrated by someone who at times seems to be emulating Neruda’s poems.

700MB | 1 h 21 min | 640×480 | avi


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