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Michael Raeburn – Jit (1990)

A young African man must try every trick in the book in this attempts to win the heart of the most beautiful girl in his village.

Review from the Seattle Times:
This brightly colored English-language comedy from Zimbabwe gets by largely on cheeky charm, a nonstop jit-jive score, don’t-stop-to-ask-questions pacing, and the irrepressible personalities of its actors.

The hero, U.K., is a determined and penniless village boy who is staying with his uncle in the city when he’s rudely dropped from a taxi and suffers a mild concussion. He instantly falls for Sofi, the concerned woman hovering over his apparently lifeless body. She just as quickly dismisses him.

Not only does she already have a boyfriend, the wealthy jerk can afford to pay the bride-price that her father requires for anyone seeking her hand. They all underestimate U.K.’s persistence, if not his intelligence. Desperately trying to raise enough money to get her to take him seriously, U.K. manages to bungle so many odd jobs that he seems utterly inept.

U.K.’s inability to perform even the simplest tasks is the most bizarre aspect of the script, which descends to manic Jerry Lewis levels during these episodes. But the movie is so spirited, thanks to the performances of Dominic Makuvachuma as U.K. and Winnie Ndemera as the sly ancestral spirit who helps him out of several jams, that it survives even these sympathy-destroying detours.

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