2001-2010DramaHorrorIranMohammad Hossein Latifi

Mohammad Hossein Latifi – Khabgah-e dokhtaran AKA Girl’s Dormitory (2004)

A group of college students move into a dilapidated dormitory that is reputed by local people to be haunted.

From Horror.com:
The history of horror films being made in Iran goes back to the 1950’s when the late directory Samuel Khachikian cranked out titles like “A Party in Hell” (1956), “The Midnight Terror” (1961) and “Delirium” (1965). Over the years since, the horror genre in Iran has had its up and downs. One thing has remained constant, though, many Iranian movie fans welcome the chance to see domestically produced fright films. Iranian horror fans got lucky this month, as Mohammad-Hossein Latifi’s new horror movie “Girl’s Dormitory” hit screens. The film follows a group of college kids who are forced to move into a house that the local people believe to be haunted. You can guess where plot goes from there. The reviews of the film have been mixed so far, but Iranian horror fans don’t get a chance to see too many domestically produced films in the genre so any new addition is welcome. Some reports have the new horror flick as the current most popular movie in Tehran cinemas.

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