1971-1980DocumentaryFranceRoberto Rossellini

Roberto Rossellini – Beaubourg, centre d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou (1977)

Rossellini 77
Last images from Roberto Rossellini filming the Centre Georges Pompidou,
February-March-April-May 1977.

Following the steps of Roberto Rossellini on day to day basis, making the film “LE CENTRE GEORGE POMPIDOU” we could not know the issue of his last encounter with the cinéma.

10 Hours of 16 mm coulour film, 30 hours of sound recordings… More than 2500 slides were produced as he wished :
“to represent things as they are and stay on the field of the honesty”.
Unique experience… 30 years after…
From this story, as promised… a film is being born.

It is a selection of 20 minutes of shootings…
As exemplary witnesses of his way of doing things, these images show the particual atmospere of the way Roberto Rossellini is making films.

He left us on the 3th of June 1977…

Jacques Grandclaude

1.46GB | 1:16:33 | 720 × 576 | avi




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