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Sharon Lockhart – Goshogaoka (1997)

arsenal-berlin.de wrote:
Filmed in a middle school gymnasium in suburban Japan, GOSHOGAOKA takes as its ostensible subject the exercise routines and drills of a girls baskettball team. The film consists of six ten minutes takes, shot with a fixed camera at court level in which the various cadences of chanting voices and bodily movements digress into distinct studies. Taken together they construct a subtle and multi-layered social portrait, a portrait framed within a study of choreographed movement (the routines etc.) and therefore one in which documentary values soon become inseparable from aesthetic ones.

“A consequential linear construction of time is foundational to Sharon Lockhart’s cinematic work. In the films GOSHOGOAKA and NÔ (…) a staged sequence of events is developed, the action of which is reduced to everyday activities that exhibit no highpoint or dramatics, but that are determined by a beginning and an end. In neither of the films does the camera move. Without zooms, without pans, the action is completed within the fixed frame of the recording format. Persons and agents act within the image, enter the image, and it becomes clear that they also continue their actions outside of the frame. In 1996, Sharon Lockhart had a grant from the Asian Culture Council in the Ibaraki district north of Tokyo and could observe girls at basketball training for the film GOSHOGOAKO. An intensive collaboration developed, and together with the then ballet director of the Frankfurt Opera, Stephen Galloway, a choreography was rehearsed that had as its basis the various phases of training like warming up, walking and throwing, individual ball control, attack and defence, phases of rest and massage.”

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Language:occasional japanese sentences
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