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Thom Andersen – Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003) (HD)

Of the cities in the world, few are depicted in and mythologized more in film and television than the city of Los Angeles. In this documentary, Thom Andersen examines in detail the ways the city has been depicted, both when it is meant to be anonymous and when itself is the focus. Along the way, he illustrates his concerns of how the real city and its people are misrepresented and distorted through the prism of popular film culture. Furthermore, he also chronicles the real stories of the city’s modern history behind the notorious accounts of the great conspiracies that ravaged his city that reveal a more open and yet darker past than the casual viewer would suspect.

5.79GB | 2h 50mn | 1280×720 | mkv




  1. The disc-rip version of this looks very much better than a previously circulated
    one. Arguably overlong; somewhat less could have been more. The points
    made and some of the narration becomes wearing and repetitive. However,
    this collection of L.A.-related footage from the movies remains unparalleled.
    If you have any interest in the city, film noir, or a number of Angeleno topics,
    this is not to be missed.

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