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Vladimir Kobrin – Seroe Vremya AKA Gloomy Time (1994)

The film is about the crisis in the Russian cinema, which occurred 100 years after the birth of cinema.
The title of the film reflected Kobrin’s feelings of this period, the collapse of the old order, pennilessness and uncertainty about the future.
In some respects, the film almost documents the life of the Kobrins House, a whole studio compressed within a small flat, children, computers, people working on computers, kitchen, guests, Kobrin himself – all this is filmed in the time-lapse mode.
The film is narrated by snippets from Vasily Nalimov’s “Spontaneity of consciousness”, intermixed with stories told by a rustic man.

In his films, Kobrin elaborates a special, metaphoric style that is “a fully achieved work of imaginative filmmaking, in which special effects, pixilation, and reverse or speed-up motion abound, a philosophical avant-garde film, entirely unexpected in terms of its country of origin”.

“The cinema I’m engaged in can be called ‘phychedelic puppet action’, where the characters-both the live and the lifeless-behave according to the laws of a cosmic theater . . . To my mind, an artist is a person whose mission is to close the space between Earth and the Cosmos. Otherwise he can’t be called an artist. That is why I see my task as a film director to consist of wiping off the mirror in which man and mankind as a whole look, and to show that this world (this performance without God, that is, without the point where all our puppet threads come together) is senseless and deserves no sympathy or pity.” – Vladimir Kobrin

In the West Vladimir Kobrin is considered a father of Russian avant-garde scientific filmmaking. He was frequently invited to European film-schools with lectures (Cologne, Potsdam, Copenhagen, etc.) and in 1997 he received an invitation from Harvard University Film Achieve. Special retrospectives of his films were shown at Pesaro Festival in Italy and in Montreal in 1998.

Kobrin’s work was never officially published and did not come out in the original. The artistic heritage of Kobrin – one of the mysteries of modern cinema.

161MB | 14 min 18 s | 765×574 | mkv



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