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Andrzej Wajda – Krajobraz po bitwie AKA Landscape After Battle (1970)

Andrzej Wajda’s Krajobraz po bitwie / Landscape After the Battle was a ground-breaking film discussing the personal stories of the inmates of a WW-II camp. The film also draws inspiration from one of Poland’s most iconic paintings.

The screenplay was mainly based on Tadeusz Borowski’s story, Bitwa pod Grunwaldem / The Battle for Grunwald, as well as, to a lesser extent, on a few other stories by the author. The authors of the script were – Andrzej Brzozowski, the co-writer of, among others, Pasażerka by Andrzej Munk and a known film documentarian, as well as Andrzej Wajda.

The film’s protagonist – just like in the original story by Borowski – is a former concentration-camp prisoner, Tadeusz (Tadek) – a poet and intellectual, and a young Jewish girl, Nina. The action takes place after the end of the war, in a displaced persons camp, where former inmate of concentration camps resided temporarily following the end of the war. Tadek, a prisoner who has been in the camp for a long time, has seen all the atrocities one person can do to another. He falls in love with Nina. This love blooms among the beautiful and thrilling autumn surroundings.

There is another artistic layer in the background. It is the famed painting by Jan Matejko Bitwa pod Grunwaldem (The Battle for Grunwald) being recreated by the Poles residing in the camp. The film, therefore, has two points, the intimate one – the relationship of Tadeusz and Nina, and the political one – the inmates’ attitude towards the new Poland, where the dilemma is all about whether to return to Poland or stay in the free world. Autumn of 1945 is not a time of national consent and each character has his or her own opinion of the matter, often one which is hurtful to others.

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