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Daryl Duke – Payday (1973)

Rip Torn stars as Maury Dann, a mid-level country singer on a tour through the south. The road is Maury’s playground, and he liberally indulges in drugs, alcohol, and sexual relations with the willing women he finds along the way. But when the angry boyfriend of a woman with whom he’s had a liason with spots Maury in a restaurant, suddenly he has a bigger problem than just making sure that he gets paid. Torn turns in a strong performance as the unscrupulous performer and does a fine job singing the Shel Silverstein-penned country tunes. Payday stands as a lost gem of early 1970’s American cinema.

Payday can be described as biting, tense, and clever. The plot revolves around rehabilitation, alcohol abuse, and relationships vs. career. The main genres are drama, independent, and music-oriented. In terms of style, Payday has a road movie structure and is talky. In approach, it is serious and realistic. It is located in Tennessee. The soundtrack of Payday is country.

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