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Eloy de la Iglesia – Nadie oyó gritar AKA No One Heard the Scream (1973)

“No One Heard the Scream” is another terrific Spanish horror film from the troubled director Eloy de la Iglesia. The film stars two of his strongest performers, Carmen Sevilla (from de la Iglesia’s “The Glass Ceiling”) and Vincente Parra (from de la Iglesia’s “Cannibal Man”), and so with these two tried-and-true leads it is hard for this film to fail. While it is not as overtly frightening as the other two aforementioned films, “No One Heard the Scream” definitely has its moments. Sevilla plays a professional mistress who bids farewell to her older lover when she meets the handsome man next door (Parra); unfortunately for Sevilla, Parra has just murdered his wife.

This film explores the same themes as the director’s other films, such as voyeurism, socialism, society’s class system, and of course the director’s obvious liking of homoerotic imagery is here in abundance when Parra and another male cast member frequently go shirtless. The leads are strong, the plot is tight and coherent, and the climactic scene is truly jolting and shocking. Therefore, if you have enjoyed the director’s other films, this one is a must-see. de la Iglesia’s approach to violence is probably seen as more tame today than it did in the early 1970’s, but is still more horrifying with its minimal special effects than today’s big budgeted gross-out films.

To conclude, this is a horror film for the thinking person. And the moral of the story, as was the case in “The Glass Ceiling”, appears to be simple: “Mind Your Own Business!”

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