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Fatih Akin – Auf der anderen Seite aka The Edge of Heaven (2007)

The power of co-incidence is explored to dramatic effect in The Edge Of Heaven, a Turkish-German production about two deaths that bring strangers together. Once the opening titles warn us of “Yeter’s Death”, we see Turkish prostitute Yeter meeting an elderly client, Ali, in Germany and watch her fate unfold. Shifting to Turkey and Germany and back again, this spirited, beautifully-acted drama follows both Ali’s son and Yeter’s daughter in the wake of the tragedy.

By forewarning us of deaths, the film creates tension and an inevitable sense of impending doom – much like the opening scene in an episode of morturary drama Six Feet Under, when you’re waiting to see how the latest client-to-be will die. But The Edge Of Heaven isn’t a wholly depressing affair. There’s a sense of hope as characters show strangers kindness, and a comforting feeling that fate will bring people together. The level of co-incidence borders on the superstitious, but the gritty elements of the film keep it grounded in reality.


Yeter’s daughter Ayten is a political refugee who falls foul of both Turkish and German authorities, which leads to several disturbing scenes. That said, it’s Ayten’s new friend Lotte who should really be worried, as the titles of the second segment inform us. The intimacy between these two young woman brings the drama into more tender territory, and while a few frustrating loose ends are left open, The Edge Of Heaven ends on a gently moving and thought-provoking note. A complex, quietly compelling tale.

2.02GB | 1 h 56 min | 1016×572 | mkv


Language:German, English, Turkish

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