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Franklin Adreon – Panther Girl of the Kongo (1955)

Jean Evans (Phyllis Coates) – who is referred to as Panther Girl by the natives – is a daring wild life photographer working out of the wilds of Western Africa. Her work for the International Foundation quickly becomes of the utmost importance when a brand new species of massive crayfish is discovered! This means that Jean is now tasked with getting some footage to send back – but when it comes to shooting giant crayfish, that’s easier than it sounds. As such, she enlists the aid of her intrepid explorer friend, Larry Sanders (Myron Healey).

Soon enough, the natives, led by Chief Danka (Roy Glenn), are wondering if Larry has magical powers and if he and Panther Girl are capable of taking out the giant crayfish that have been wreaking havoc on the local native populace. If not, they’ll probably kick the two of them out, which would put Jean into a bad spot with her employers. What neither she nor anyone else really knows, however, is that there’s a mad scientist named Dr. Morgan (Arthur Space) running about who has sinister reasons for getting everyone out of the area – and those reasons involve diamonds! And doggone it, if he has to create a bunch of giant crayfish to get rid of these pesky natives and their friends to cash in on that stash of gems, he’ll do it!…

Presented in its original twelve part serial format and running one hundred and sixty-eight minutes in length.

— Ian Jane (Rock! Shock! Pop!)

3.27GB | 2 h 47 min | 788×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English (muxed)

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