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Gabriela Samper – El Hombre de la Sal AKA The Man of Salt (1969)

The documentary chronicles the methods of work in relation to pre-Columbian man and the current farmer. From the character of Don Marcos Olaya, one of the last craftsmen elaborated the salt as did the ancient Chibcha (pre-Columbian techniques saturation and evaporation of this precious product), we know the mystification of ancient work and how to disappear , men feel that they too are devoted to the same tragic end. This old craftsman identifies his work with his life. So he refused when it was installed Soda Plant to change its system of preparing the salt, not folded and continued their struggle to maintain this tradition. It is the continuation of a millenarian activity until today and how it is linked to the current identity of the Colombian people. Don Marcos Olaya, a Don Quixote who remained standing, with his small factory in the municipality of salt Nemocón, facing one of the great monopolies of industry, Zipaquira Salt Mine, who always refused to cooperate with the artisans, from the beginning vedándoles compacted salt, raw materials for your business and thus accelerated the extinction of one of the most important crafts of the plateau from pre-Columbian times.

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