1971-1980DramaIosif DemianRomania

Iosif Demian – O lacrima de fata AKA A Girl’s Tears (1980) (HD)

The discovery of a drowned young girl’s body makes the local authorities start an investigation.

The film tells the story of a suspicious death investigation at Sălcioara, a village near the Mureş Valley. The Major and his help, Panaitescu, accompanied by a film crew that wants to record the case, manage to understand the circumstances in which young Ana Draga, an agronomist engineer, was killed. As it turns out, it was not a love crime, as originally thought, but a consequence of old conflict between villagers.

The presence of the investigators puts the authorities at work and forces potential suspects to come out of the shadows. The first disturbed is Urdărescu, the president of the agricultural production cooperative. He’s trying to get away of the blame, though he could have been a suspect because Ana had the habit of going out in the evening and measure the earth. Urdărescu has to confess the undeclared land surfaces, which were unknown to the party. Pricopie might have also been a suspect. The boy loved Ana. When he got a leave, he proposed to Ana shortly before going to the station.

Alongside the investigators, there is a film crew. The camera reconstructs the crime scene, its topography, and the portraits of the interviewed ones. Crăciun commits suicide after the arrest. The investigators arrive too late at him in the isolated cottage where he lived as a hermit. Finally, the participants take a photo. Panaitescu, disturbed to notice the girl’s tear, concludes that with her, something has died in the souls of the locals. (Ioan Lazar, “The Key Films of Romanian Cinematography”, 2009, Ed. Felix Film)

5.61GB | 1h 23mn | 1500×1080 | mkv



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