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James Bridges – Mike’s Murder (1984)

Naive young bank teller Betty Parrish falls for her tennis instructor who is living a separate life as a male hustler and small time drug dealer. He gets in over his head and as the films title would indicate is murdered triggering Betty to start poking around Mike’s other life to find out what happened and who he was.

After 2 failed test screenings Warner Brothers told director/writer/producer James Bridges that he and editor Dede Allen were to recut the film shortening/removing key scenes and losing a said to be confusing non-linear timeline. However, the film released and presented here is an approved cut that still works well. The original cut of the film was in the possession of Bridges’ partner and associate producer Jack Larson at the time of his death, current whereabouts are unknown but it hasn’t been screened publicly since the test screenings in Sausalito and Walnut Creek.

Criminally underappreciated and misunderstood MIKE’S MURDER is one of the greatest Neo-Noir films and one of those rare movies from the 1980s that feel like they should have been made in the 1970s, featuring a career best performance by Debra Winger and Paul Winfield playing an augmented version of himself MIKE’S MURDER takes a look beneath the surface of Los Angeles’ 1980s gay underbelly while maintaining a dream like almost fantasy atmosphere as Winger goes deeper into the rabbits hole. Well worth a watch; a personal favorite.

1.72GB | 1 h 49 min | 853×480 | mkv




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