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Krzysztof Gradowski – Pan Kleks w kosmosie AKA Mr. Blob in the Universe (1988) (HD)

Mr Ambrosio Inkblot created an Academy where he teaches 24 boys – whose names always start with the letter ‘A’. The building of academy is situated at Chocolate street and is surrounded by huge forest with the wall featuring gates to other fairy-tales. Mr Inkblot teaches the boys with the help of a mysterious starling bird – Matthew – who used to be a boy. But Kleks’ Academy is not a typical school – Mr Inkblot (played by Piotr Fronczewski) interprets dreams, his students throw ink during lessons and talk to heroes of other fairy-tales.

The academy is joined by twelve-year-old, red-haired, naughty boy – Adam Niezgodka. The film features couple of separate stories such as the story of starling Matthew and the visit that Adam paid to the heaven for dogs. The two other films on Mr Inkblot (‘Travels of Mr Kleks’ and ‘Mr Kleks in space’), although made by the same director, are not as good as the first part. It is, however, surely worth watching them.

5.46GB | 2 h 17 min | 1280×720 | mkv




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