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Leonardo Favio – Aniceto (2008)

Leonardo Favio´s long awaited return to the movies was a triumph. On August 3rd, the Argentinean Film Journalists Association gave the Condor Awards to the 2008 local film production, and Aniceto, Favio´s latest film, got 9 out of the 11 statues it had been nominated for.

A musical remake of his own previous film “Éste es el romance del Aniceto y la Francisca…” (This is the romance of Aniceto and Francisca…), the movie won the awards for Best Film, Best Director (Leonardo Favio), Best Adapted Screenplay (Favio and others, based on Jorge Zuhair Jury´s short story), Best New Actor (Hernán Piquín), Best Cinematography (Alejandro Giuliani), Best Editing (Paola Amor), Best Sound and Music (Iván Wyszogrod), and Best Art Direction (Andrés Echebeste).

Aniceto hints a universe which is unusual in Argentine cinema: using dance language and a dramatic soundtrack, the film’s originality lies in the way these elements are combined with simple but powerful and beautiful set designs, which change their intensity as the dramatic quality of the story increases. Love, passion, disappointment, pain and sadness shape this love triangle between Aniceto, Francisca and Lucía, played by dancers Hernán Piquín, Natalia Pelayo and Alejandra Baldón.

697MB | 1:18:06 | 624×352 | avi



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