Max Nosseck – The Hoodlum (1951)

UCLA Film & Television Archive writes:
This briskly paced, low-budget, B film noir features quintessential tough guy, Lawrence Tierney, in a most fitting role as Vincent Lubeck, an angry, brooding, habitual criminal, who after five years in the joint is released on parole to live with his mother and brother Johnny (played by Tierney’s real life brother, Edward). Sent to work at the family gas station, Vincent grows bitter and restless, and begins plotting his escape from the menial labor of his humdrum life. Completely void of fear, pain and compassion, Vincent has no qualms about destroying everyone and everything in his path.

1.04GB | 1 h 0 min | 712×534 | mkv


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  1. I love Lawrence Tierney ! any change in finding this one with him : The Steel Cage (1954)

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