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Mervyn LeRoy – Gentleman’s Fate (1931)

Pre-code melodrama starring John Gilbert as Jack Thomas, rich, penthouse-dwelling playboy with a brand new fiancee named Marjorie (Leila Hyams) and his own English “gentleman’s gentleman” (just given orders to burn his gallery of photos and phone numbers). Called to meet his guardian “Papa Mario”, Jack is informed he has a brother named Frank and a father who has been shot and is calling for his long-lost son from his deathbed. This is all news to Jack who didn’t know about this family at all (he thought he was an orphan). Arriving at the rundown Hotel Ritzi, Jack finds out the whole truth – that his father and brother are bootleggers/gangsters, that he is actually an Italian, and his real name’s not Jack, it’s Giacomo! Okey dokey. Frank (Louis Wolheim) is a (very) rough-faced, tough talker who forces Jack to take the rap for some stolen emeralds given to Jack by the dying dad. Unfortunately Jack had already gifted the emeralds to Marjorie, who finding out he’s a “thief”, writes him a “Dear John” letter and leaves town. So – Jack decides to join the racket with his brother, then ends up saving his brother’s life from a rival gang. Now the rivals are out to get the man who shot one of their own, and it all comes to brew at a “Peace Banquet” at the hotel.”

1.40GB | 1h 33mn | 720×540 | mkv


Subtitles:Russian (muxed)


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