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Mohamed Camara – Dakan (1997)

Over turning given assumptions about gay identity with it’s 1st world connotations as well as our less informed view of the sub-Saharan African context, this gentle, humble film depicts the less often if ever portrayed life of gay love in rural Africa.

This film’s relevance & point of interest is that it remains perhaps the only example of it’s kind to provide images which counteract notions of homophobia & the non existence of homosexuality in the realm of ‘blackness’, ‘Africa’ and the developing world & provides an accessible & familiar story of the dilemmas of love specifically within all three contexts usually understood to exclude gay representation.

Two high school male youths fall in love and as they grow into the wider world of their native rural Guinea, they become subject to the pressures of their family & the society around them.

626MB | 1h 29mn | 352×240 | avi


Subtitles:English Hardcoded


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