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Montgomery Tully – The Third Alibi (1961)

A composer stuck in a middle-class marriage finds that his affair with his wife’s half-sister has resulted in her pregnancy. When his wife refuses to give him a divorce he hatches a murder scheme that is too clever by half.

IMDB wrote:
Neat little British thriller directed by Montgomery Tulley, who was perhaps best known for the Merton Park Edgar Wallace and Scotland Yard crime dramas. A good story, well directed with an impressive cast, especially Laurence Payne as philandering songwriter Norman and the ever-reliable John Arnatt as the police inspector. There’s a neat twist at the end.

Watch out for Dudley Moore in an uncredited role as pianist in the stage scenes accompanying Cleo Laine (in real life Dudley Moore was pianist with Johnny Dankworth’s band at the time, just prior to his success with Beyond The Fringe).

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