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Pierre Clémenti – Visa de censure n°X AKA Certificate No. X (1967)

Shot in 1967 but not released until 1975, actor Pierre Clémenti’s acid-infused experimental whirlwind of color and music featuring a who’s who of the French 60s underground.

Visa de Censure and Carte de voeux, both of which form Certificate No. X (1967-75), a shadow of a precursor to the films of Étant-Donnés. In these hardcore masterpieces, the screen attains the status of a giant perforation through which naked ritualism and elemental textures must dance: it’s like witnessing the birth of Ecstasy! The film’s rapturous use of colour brings to mind Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother. It is this violent, hypnotic, defining presence of colour that is the film’s driving energy, propelling bodies, texts, abstract figures, light, into each other, into new rhythmic forms.

956MB | 42 min 25 s | 770×578 | mkv


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