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Pietro Marcello – La bocca del lupo AKA The Mouth of the Wolf (2009)

There’s magic and mastery aplenty in “The Wolf’s Mouth,” a docu-fiction hybrid that represents a breathtakingly impressive debut from Pietro Marcello. Though running a bare-minimum feature length of 70 minutes (six shorter than the press notes and Berlinale catalog claim), it packs multiple layers and subjects into its densely intricate but enticingly accessible structure. A highly unusual love story between a macho ex-con and a transsexual former drug-addict, it’s also an exploration and celebration of their home city of Genoa, delicately examining the past’s interactions with the present.

1.25GB | 1 h 7 min | 768×576 | mkv

Subtitles: English, French, Italian


  1. The second part of the file is not avaible to download due to inactivity reasons! Pls! could you upload again? thanksssss

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