Sabu AKA Hiroyuki Tanaka – Dangan ranna aka Dangan Runner (1996)

Yassuda is on the run. In truth, he should be in his car, with money that was to have
been robbed from a bank, with a gun bought from Yakuza. He could have come off
well had he not forgotten the mask! Now he is on the run with a pursuer hot on his

Aizawa is also on the run. He loathes his job – selling haberdashery for Yakuza. In
truth he is a rock legend. Only nobody is interested in his music: Yakuza, at least,
pays his bills. All could have been well if a man had not robbed his shop and stolen a
mask. Now he must catch the man if he is not to be hunted by Yakuza.

Takeda is also on the run. He was the bodyguard for a Yakuza big shot who was
assassinated. Takeda should have died to save the chief and become a legend in the
underworld. But he had not had the courage. Now all he wants is to die. But before,
he must hunt down Aizawa for Yakuza and will spare no efforts to accomplish the

The three men are running away; however, after some hours, none of them knows
any longer from what or to where. And no one can stop them.

695MB | 1:22:00 | 660 x 352 | avi



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