1971-1980GermanyPeter MolandRomanceSci-FiUlli Lommel

Ulli Lommel & Peter Moland – Haytabo (1971)

A biochemist stumbles upon a well-preserved scientific manuscript from a past century. He and his girlfriend study the document and discover a formula to produce a drug that promises immortality. One vital component, however, is missing. But when an alien gets in touch with the scientist, the solution seems close at hand: The alien offers the biochemist and his girlfriend a trip into the past to meet the man who actually wrote the manuscript. Their first travel back in time fails, but on the second attempt the two indeed manage to meet the inventor…

Ulli Lommel’s directorial debut is a weird little gem, boosting performances of Sixties icons Eddie Constantine, Uschi Obermaier, Rainer Langhans and even Rainer Werner Fassbinder himself.
The film is highly poetic and spiritual and the images are beautiful. The brilliant soundtrack ranges from Deep Purple’s “April”, Elton John and Gregorian chants to Vivaldi!
Shot mostly in Bavaria in the winter, it takes the viewer to breath taking locations. Surreal and convincing at the same time.
A wicked document of German film history from those days when it was still possible to make film with most simple and few resources – on a ridiculous budget of about 20,000 DM…

1.27GB | 1h 16mn | 768×576 | mkv


Subtitles:English sub/idx muxed

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