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Vivienne Dick – Between Truth and Fiction (1979-2004)

Vivienne Dick (b. 1950, Ireland) is an internationally-celebrated film-maker and artist. A key figure of the ‘No Wave’ movement in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s, she has gone on to develop an extraordinary body of work, which has been shown in cinemas, films festivals and art galleries around the world.

Shot on Super-8, 16mm and video, Dick’s film-making practice slips between fiction and documentary, using elements of both, along with fragmentary narrative, dislocated imagery and compelling self-reflexive performances.
Between Truth and Fiction is co-published with The Crawford Gallery, Cork in conjunction with their show of Vivienne Dick’s work in autumn 2009.

DVD includes:
Beauty Becomes The Beast, 40 mins, Super-8 / video, 1979
Visibility Moderate, 45 mins, Super-8 / video, 1981
Like Dawn to Dust, 6 mins, Super-8 / video, 1983
A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy, 28 mins, video, 1994
Saccade, 3 mins, video, 2004



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