1971-1980ArthouseFranceYannick Bellon

Yannick Bellon – Quelque part quelqu’un AKA Somewhere, Someone (1972)

The description of several fates, several desperate lives in an inhuman city. A city where no one really exists. It is probably the most depressing movie – french movie – of all time. Every detail, every shot, every dialogue shows us there is no future for the human being. All along this feature, the director – Bellon – gives the audience sequences of darkness, monotony, emptiness. Death in a near future. All kind of deaths. The score makes me think of a whisper, a song from a graveyard. I would say it’s a sort of documentary.

So, in short, don’t miss it. But only if you’re in the right mood. The adequate temper. If you just lost your job or your wife, avoid it. Unless you intend to commit suicide.

2.75GB | 1 h 37 min | 960×576 | mkv



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