1961-1970Alain JessuaCultFranceThriller

Alain Jessua – Jeu de massacre AKA The Killing Game (1967)

Two cartoonists meet a playboy who lives out the fantasies created in their cartoons. He hires them to create a new comic strip. As they work on the new strip, the playboy begins to live it out. Unfortunately, the new strip deals with murder.

Review :
‘When I was a little boy, I wanted to be Tintin, and to live his life of adventures. Bob, in “Jeu De Massacre”, might have registered the same desire, but his dreams have never faded away and now nearing thirty, when he meets two cartoonists (the man writes the scripts, the wife draws), he tells them he’s been through all the stories they have invented: as soon as he appears on the screen, we feel how irrational Bob is. Michel Duchaussoy […] gives a tormented feverish performance; when he tells his imaginary adventures, he uses the “Passe Simple”, a tense you would not use in a conversation: it creates a gap between the narrator and what he is telling. Bob has an over possessive wealthy mother with whom he lives in Switzerland in a desirable mansion by the Leman Lake. He invites the two artists who have understood that they can make money out of this mythomania. Next step will be writing a brand new comic strip which introduces a new hero, some kind of “Super Bob”. It won’t be long before the rich kid wants to become this superman. Little by little, the writer’s wife, who draws the strip (the drawings are terribly dated, Barbarella style, but it inspires Bob’s vital extremism) begins to feel like becoming herself the heroine of the story and she creates Helen, Bob’s partner in crime. But soon, being on the paper won’t be enough…’

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