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Alfred Vohrer & Samuel M. Sherman – Die blaue Hand AKA Creature With the Blue Hand (1967)

Die blaue Hand is a pretty wild movie on its own terms. It crams a lot of bizarre digressions into a mere 74 minutes, not counting some stuff reportedly inserted after the fact by an American distributor. You get a room full of hanging mannequins, a butler who reveals himself as the disgruntled ex-husband of the Emerson materfamilias, and a second inspection of the insane stripper, on top of everything I’ve already mentioned. If Kinski recedes during the story, Karl Lange emerges as an awesome looking villain in the Germanic Caligari tradition of evil asylum keepers, while Diana Koerner makes Myra an appealing heroine. Visually, even in something well short of restored form, Hand looks great in moody, Bava-influenced color, and the admitted datedness of the music is a point in the film’s favor as far as I’m concerned. However faithful he may or may not be to Edgar Wallace, Vohrer came up with a vivid modernized mix of the Mabusian crime tradition and the American “old dark house” style. A film like this was probably campy when it first appeared, but if you can tolerate its absurdities you’ll probably be as entertained by this brisk adventure as I was.
@Samuel Wilson

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