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Christian Petzold – Jerichow (2008)

In Christian Petzold’s carefully crafted reworking of the ‘Postman Always Rings Twice’ story set in a desolate region of northeastern Germany, Ali (Hilmi Sözer) is a shrewd, well-off immigrant from Turkey. He’s married to Laura (Petzold favourite Nina Hoss), an attractive German woman whom he rescued from a bad past, and owns a string of snack bars. Life is placid, if a little joyless, until Ali makes the mistake of hiring disreputable ex-soldier Thomas (Benno Fürmann) as his driver. From then on, things are placid only on the surface…

Anthony Lane in The New Yorker wrote:
Jerichow is the right movie at the right time—and, with its dangerous stealth, it unfolds in the right place, too, among the flat fields and the half-deserted roads of Jerichower Land, in the former East Germany…It’s as though Petzold had crushed The Postman Always Rings Twice against The Grapes of Wrath, film noir against the parched hopes of the Depression, and transplanted what was left to an unregarded corner of northern Europe, where the sunshine feels like a cruel joke. “I love you, Laura,” Thomas tells her. “You can’t love, if you don’t have money,” she says, like someone rebuking the Beatles. So compact and controlled is this fine film, with its bitter closing twist, that, against your instincts, and despite your prayers, you fear that she may be right.

1.75GB | 1 h 26 min | 1013×548 | mkv


Language(s):1: Feature – German, AC-3 5.1 channels; 2: Commentary – German, AAC stereo.
Subtitles:English (srt, default), German (srt), French (srt), Brazilian Portuguese (srt), Spanish (srt)

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