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Edgar Pêra – Movimentos Perpétuos: Cine-Tributo a Carlos Paredes AKA Perpetual Movements: A Cine Tribute to Carlos Paredes (2006)

A documentary in 17 movements, in which testimonies and the guitar define the genius, the bravery and the modesty of Carlos Paredes. In PERPETUAL MOVEMENTS ‚ A TRIBUTE TO CARLOS PAREDES a dialog is established between a guitar and a SP8 camera, in an aesthetic which evocates the memory of old family pictures, full of intimacy, revealed in the sharing of simple stories of life. The Carlos Paredes’s concert in Auditório Carlos Alberto, in Oporto, 1984, is the starting point for the unfolding of prison stories, resistance, success and amateurism, stories marked by simplicity and passion. Here we learn about how Paredes plays a song for the hotel’s receptionist, who mourns about not being able to attend to the concert that has just taken place. Or the way he uses a comb to exercise the guitar when he was in prison. The testimony of friends and colleagues lets us understand a bit more about who this man was, a man who, in spite of the privations, would never complaint, and who as left us a genius work of incontestable value, not only for the beauty of his compositions and his interpretation, but also for the dimension that it gave to the Portuguese Guitar – raising it to the class of an autonomous instrument in place of being a mere accompaniment for others – and transforming it into a symbol of Portuguese music beyond-frontiers. Remains the sensation of liberation that his art is capable to produce, and the mystics of the work he has left, full of deep enthusiasm and nostalgia for the future.

0.98GB | 1 h 11 min | 762×572 | mkv



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