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Ernesto Contreras – Párpados azules AKA Blue Eyelids [+Extras] (2007)

Marina is a lonely woman with a menial job at a uniform business that unexpectedly awards her with an all-expenses-paid holiday at a beach resort for two. She’s been unable to find anyone to go with her when she comes across a man called Víctor in a chance encounter at a bakery. Víctor claims they went to school together, but although Marina doesn’t remember him, she impulsively invites him to join her on the trip. They decide to get to know each other better before going away, and a kind of relationship develops between two shy people who seem to have nothing in common except the holiday looming on the horizon…

Director Ernesto Contreras calls this, his first feature (shot on a tiny budget from an original script by his brother Carlos), an ‘anti-romantic comedy’. It won Contreras the prize for Best Ibero-American Feature – and his brother the award for Best Screenplay – at Guadalajara in 2007, and a Special Jury Prize for the director at Sundance the following year.

Noel Megahey on The Digital Fix wrote:
The beauty of course is in the detail. Blue Eyelids finds numerous little ways to show the nature of each of the characters, the absence of anything significant in their lives and the awkwardness of their attempts to get together…Just as effectively, the film also finds a means to explore their search for something larger, something more romantic, intense and sexually fulfilling, anything to transform the mundane reality of their existence. Quite wonderfully, the film doesn’t feel the need to betray its characters by showing them pretending to be anything different from what they are…This is a lovely, lovely film – sensitively scripted, delightfully performed and filmed with a keen eye for expressive colour, nuance and detail, a film capable of haunting your memory for ages afterwards. The quality of Axiom Film’s DVD release only makes viewing even more of a pleasure.

‘Making Of’ Short

Director Interview

Deleted Scene

1.76GB | 1 h 34 min | 1017×550 | mkv


Language:Spanish, AC-3 5.1 (feature); Spanish, AC-3 stereo (extras); ‘Making of’ short starts with one minute of voiceover in English.
Subtitles:English (srt, default) in feature and two extras; hardcoded English (with two lines of default idx/VobSub subs at start) in the Deleted Scene. There are also 61 secs of hardcoded Spanish subs for an English voiceover at the start of the ‘Making Of’ short.


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