2001-2010Benoît DelépineComedyFranceGustave de Kervern

Gustave de Kervern & Benoît Delépine – Aaltra (2004)

Mr Vives is not fond of the lazy farmer’s hand who keeps blocking the road with his large harvester, so he gets back at him, and the farmer’s hand gets back at Mr Vives, and round and round it goes. Until one day, when this causes Mr Vives to lose his job and come back early to discover his wife in bed with another man. Furious, he drives up to the farm hand in the middle of a field and starts a fist fight which ends in the harvester. They wake up together at the hospital, both with useless legs. It seems they’re doomed to stay together from now on.

1.16GB | 1h 29mn | 855×364 | mkv


Language(s):English, Finnish, French, German, Dutch

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