1951-1960HorrorJohn SherwoodSci-FiUSA

John Sherwood – The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

The Story: Dr. William Barton, a noted surgeon, heads an expedition to capture the fabulous Gill man. His associates include Dr. Tom Morgan, another scientist, and Jed Grant, a professional guide and expert aqua-lung diver. Also on the magnificently equipped yacht is Dr. Barton’s young and pretty wife, Marcia.The scientific party finds and captures the Gill Man in a Florida river after an awesome struggle during which he is rendered unconscious by drugs shot into his body. In an accident during the affray the contents of a kerosene can are spilled over the creature and ignited. Not only are the scales on his body burned off but his gills are destroyed by the flames.
Taken aboard the yacht, the now gill-less monster is dying from suffocation. Quickly developed X-rays disclose a land animal’s lung structure, so Dr. Barton performs a tracheotomy, opening an air passage to the lungs, so this sea monster is transformed into an air-breathing, nearly human animal, a transformation encompassing millions of years of evolution.
Clad now in a suit made of sail cloth, the creature is taken to the California estate of Dr. Barton and there penned up in a stockade surrounded by a steel-link fence and an electrically charged outer fence.
While the scientists are engrossed in their task of studying the Creature, Jed Grant devotes his attention to Marcia. She does not encourage his advances, but Dr. Barton sees enough of what is going on to become obsessed with jealous fury.
One night, Dr. Barton pistol whips Grant until he is dead. Then he drags Grant’s body to the Creature’s quarters, shoots a bullet into the monster, cries for help and declares the Creature has killed Grant.
Wounded and in wild fury, the Creature tears down the chain link fence and goes after Barton, finally corners and kills him. Then he rushes outside, pushes over the concrete fence containing the switch box for the electrically charged fence, climbs over the fence and disappears in the direction of the ocean.

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Subtitles:English, French, Spanish (muxed)


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