1951-1960ComedyJoshua LoganMarilyn MonroeRomanceUSA

Joshua Logan – Bus Stop (1956)

When cowboy Beau and his friend Virgil take the bus from Montana to Phoenix, Arizona, to participate in the rodeo, Beau is also hoping to find his “angel”. There, virginal Beau falls in love with cafe singer “hillbilly” Chérie performing “That Old Black Magic” and plans to take her back to Montana. The next day, he intends to marry her after the rodeo, but she escapes. She wants to go Hollywood, where she hopes to be discovered. But Beau tracks her down, and forces her on the bus back to Montana. On the way, they stop at Grace’s Diner. The road ahead is blocked by snow, and by now all have learned that Beau is kidnapping and bullying the girl. The men subdue Beau until he promises to leave Chérie alone. Later, the road is cleared, and contrite Beau, after getting beaten in a scuffle with the bus driver the previous night, apologizes for his rude behavior and is ready to depart without her. Chérie forgives him, and discovering his nicer side, decides on her own to go with him.

2.62GB | 1h 34mn | 1024×402 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Danish (muxed)


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