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Konrad Wolf – Der geteilte Himmel AKA The Divided Heaven (1964)

While recovering from a mental breakdown, the young Rita Seidel recalls the last two years, in which she fell in love with Manfred, a chemist who is ten years older. As Manfred became disillusioned with his opportunities in East Germany, he moved to the West. Rita followed him there and tried to persuade him to return but soon realized he would never do it. Rita comes to terms with the past and decides to concentrate on her work and the building of a socialist society. Although some of the characters are shown as overzealous in their support of the regime, for obvious reasons the nature of the East German dictatorship is never depicted or discussed. The Stasi, the all-pervasive secret police headed by the director’s brother Markus Wolf, is not mentioned. The film is set in the period immediately before the erection of the Berlin Wall.

The script was adapted from Christa Wolf’s novel Divided Heaven, released in 1963. The film was removed from circulation on several occasions in the following years, when the Socialist Unity Party of Germany decreed it, depending on the political situation. In 1995, a group of historians and cinema researchers chose Divided Heaven as one of the 100 most important German films ever made. (Wikipedia)

1.59GB | 1h 53mn | 1021×454 | mkv


Subtitles: English (default), French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean muxed


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