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Krzysztof Gradowski – Akademia pana Kleksa AKA Mr Blot’s Academy (1984)

A young boy is sent to a boarding school run by an eccentric scientist/magician. He befriends a talking bird named Matt and is told how it lost its human form, Matt was once a boy prince. Touched by the story, our young hero vows to help his feathered friend regain his true identity. The fairytale is based on the eternal conflict between Good and Evil. Good symbolised by Mr Blot means benevolence, understanding of different people and nature. Evil symbolised by Alois Bubble means egotism and thirst for power. But above all Mr Blot’s Academy is always full of fun and humour.

A review form the web:
An adaptation of a novel by Jan Brzechwa. 10-year Jaś Niezgódka begins his studies at a strange boarding school located in an old palace. The pedagogue, Mr. Blot, is not merely a teacher, but also an alchemist and a dream-interpreter. He lives on colorful confetti-like “freckles” that are provided for him on a weekly basis by Filip the Barber. When he runs out of “freckles”, he shrinks. Meanwhile, Jaś embarks upon several adventures and discovers the secret of Filip the Barber. The latter desires to ruin Mr. Blot and his Academy. Eventually he succeeds by sending robot named Adolf into the school. Partially animated and with numerous songs, this children’s film was widely acclaimed and seen by over 14 million spectators in movie theatres. It is filled with allusions, mainly to “Star Wars” and “The Muppets”.

1.34GB | 1:19:45 | 640 x 368 | avi


Subtitles:English (srt)

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