2001-2010DramaKwon-taek ImSouth Korea

Kwon-taek Im – Chihwaseon AKA Strokes of Fire (2002)

In 19th-century Korea nobleman Kim Byung-moon saves a young beggar from a savage beating, and in return the beggar, Jang Seung-ub, draws him a picture. Kim is astonished by his rough yet extraordinary talent and arranges for him to study at the house of an eminent Chinese teacher. Here, the young painter falls in love with Mae-hyang, the daughter of a fallen aristocratic family, but the young lovers are unable to overcome the class difference that divides them. This sets Seung-ub on the path he follows for much of his life: that of a drunken wanderer. Despite his self-destructive behaviour, his penchant for consorting with prostitutes, his impoverished background, and the political turbulence of the times in which he lives, Seung-ub’s fame spreads and he becomes known by the name Ohwon. He is courted by wealthy and powerful patrons including the king, all of whom he ends up rejecting. Ultimately, Ohwon departs once again – drunken, obsessed, and alone – as the shadow of Japanese colonialism looms over Korea…

1.88GB | 1 h 59 min | 853×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English (srt,default); Portuguese (srt)


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