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Michel Soutter – L’escapade (1974)

the AMG clerk wrote :
“Auguste (Georges Wod) goes to a remote Swiss village for a meeting in the course of doing some research. Instead of meeting his informant there, he comes across a girl who has been thrown out of the house by her writer boyfriend; she is too distracting and he can’t work with her around…”

(edited to avoid spoilers)

it may sound like romance, but its not, really – or else you would have to label “Les Arpenteurs” as romance…yeah, right, and why not “A Bout de Souffle” etc
this is one of those films where “nothing much happens” but which is never boring…and always just a bit absurd enough to walk on the thin line between drama & comedy…

if you like that peculiar & subtle 70s swiss feeling (like Goretta & Tanner) then “L’Escapade” is a must-see IMHO

1.18GB | 01:36:15 | 640×432 | avi




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