Andrea Bianchi1971-1980ComedyEroticaItaly

Andrea Bianchi – Moglie nuda e siciliana AKA Naked Sicilian wife (1978)

Erotic comedy classic 70’s where a Sicilian chaste and naive moving to Milan lost many of her inhibitions.

The Milanese truck driver Nino Bertini, who has run out of water in the radiator at a farm in Sicily where he is on a wine shipment, is attacked by Rosalia Ciubardi who has mistaken him for her fiancé Antonio. Discovered in the barn by Pino and Alfio, the girl’s brothers, Nino, under threat of a sawn-off shotgun, is forced to get married to make up for something that didn’t happen and returns to Milan with his bride.

698MB | 1h 26m | 624×336 | avi


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