Norman Jewison – The Thrill of It All (1963)

Successful OB-GYN Gerald Boyer (James Garner) and his wife, Beverly (Doris Day), are happily married with two children. At a dinner gathering, Beverly discusses her favorite soap, Happy Soap, and how much she enjoys it. When Beverly is introduced to the company’s owner, she is immediately offered a contract as the product’s spokeswoman for TV commercials. However, Gerald has a hard time adjusting to his wife’s newfound fame, and plots to foil Beverly’s career in order to keep her at home.

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  1. The United States folder seems to have a lot of inactive links and I don’t know if you want to be alerted so they can be refreshed or if this is too great a burden on you.
    Should I keep letting you know about them?
    One definite advantage is the refresh usually results in a single .mkv which is much easier to manage.

    Thanks for all your work in maintaining this site!

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