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Seijun Suzuki – Kazoku no sentaku AKA A Family’s Choice (1983)

A single mother’s ex-husband refuses to pay for their son’s schooling. While working in hospice care, a dying patient offers to kill her ex-husband psychically so their son will collect life insurance. When her ex-husband turns up dead, she becomes the prime suspect.

Alongside the most esoteric and bizarre art films of his career (the Taisho films and “Capone”), Suzuki directed two mysteries in the ’80s as self-contained episodes of TV series. These are much more straightforward and easily to follow than the films he was releasing theatrically at the time (or his ’70s TV work), but they harken back to his early days as a genre filmmaker, and there are still lots of eccentric touches and powerful images.

1.30GB | 1 h 33 min | 708×531 | mkv




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