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Seijun Suzuki – “Kyôfu gekijô umbalance” Miira no koi AKA A Mummy’s Love (1973)

An editor goes to visit her lecherous old professor to discuss a new publication of Akinari Ueda’s Tales of Spring Rain, and he recounts the story of a revived mummified Buddhist monk who ran amok in a village in pre-modern Japan. In the present, he tells her that her late husband has been spotted roaming nearby lately…

Suzuki’s only fiction work that was released between his firing by Nikkatsu in 1968 and A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness in 1977. He did make a number of television commercials during this time, and made “There is a Bird Within A Man” for the television series Sun of Kurobe in 1969, but the latter was not broadcast. The script is by Yozo Tanaka, one of the screenwriters of Branded to Kill, who also worked on the Taisho films. Another Branded to Kill screenwriter, Atsushi Yamatoya, has a small role.

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