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Sergio Sollima – Revolver aka Blood in the Streets (1973)

Known in America as ‘Blood in the Streets,’ Sergio Sollima’s ‘Revolver’ is an unsung classic of the European crime genre with great sets, and wonderful performances.

Oliver Reed (Curse of the Werewolf, The Brood) plays Vito Capriani, a prison warden in Rome with a penchant for violence. When his wife Anna (Agostina Belli) is kidnapped, her abductors demand that Vito release one of his prisoners, Milo Ruiz (Fabio Testi of Once Upon a Time in the West and The Smuggler) or they’ll kill her.

When Vito allows Milo to escape, the pair becomes tangled up in a messy conspiracy that takes them across the border to Paris, where they try and figure out who’s kidnapped Anna and why.

It turns out that Vito is the only one who can pin the murder of an important businessman on the right culprit, and the ones behind it all will kill anyone they have to, to make sure that Milo keeps his mouth shut forever.

Plenty of twists along the way keep the film moving at a brisk pace, and the performances from Reed, who’s totally over the top as the perpetually pissed off prison warden, and Testi, as the convict with a conscience, both suit the films gritty and violent feel just perfectly. Reed is at the top of his game in this film and brings a believably exhausted element to his character as Vito seems on edge throughout the movie, always on the edge of a breakdown. Testi, on the other hand, plays Milo with a more relaxed yet slightly sneaky tone, complimenting Reed’s psychotic overtones.

Everything about the movie comes together perfectly. From the sets to the cinematography, from the landscapes to the performances, Revolver is truly a seventies crime movie classic.

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